Mayor of Jayapura City, Benhur Tommy Mano (Jubi)


Mayor of Jayapura City, Benhur Tommy Mano (Jubi)

Mayor of Jayapura City, Benhur Tommy Mano (Jubi)

Jayapura, 28/2 (Jubi) – The Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK) continues investigating the bribery case of former Constitutional Court chief justice Akil Muchtar linked to several regional heads in Papua including BTM – Alam who won 2010 mayoral election in Jayapura city.

KPK’s persecutor read Akil’s indictment at the Jakarta Corruption Court on Thursday (20/2). In the indictment, a team of persecutor revealed that Akil accepted 125 million rupiah to settle regent elections disputes in Merauke, Asmat and Digoel. Also an election dispute of Jayapura mayoral  in 2010 as well as an dispute of Nduga regential election in 2011.

For the administration of election disputes, Akil accepted bribes Rp 50 million from Merauke, Asmat and Digoel regencies, while Jayapura mayoral and and Nduga regent elections , Akil got Rp75 million.

However, this accusation is strongly denied by Didikus Rahamav, Chairman of the Indonesian Democratic of Struggle in Jayapura city, as one of the parties supporting BTM-Alam in Jayapura City Election in 2010.


“As a bearer party that won an absolute felt strange and funny if we did such as silly thing , “ he said via cellphone on Thursday (27/2). Even he said, he will be ready if asked to testify it.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Jayapura city, Benhur Tommy Mano as the winner of the Mayoral Election of 2010  claimed  that his victory was a pure voice of the people. “the results I had were pure and did not get paid,” he said briefly.

He also said that he does not know anything related to the former Deputy Governor of Papua, Alex Hesegem who bribed Akil Muchtar. “I do not know anything about it,” said Mano.

Besides in Papua, Akil allegedly accepted bribes from the number of election disputes like Palembang (USD 19.86 billion), Gunung Mas (USD 3 billion), Lebak (USD 1 billion), Four Lawang (Rp 10 billion and 500,000 dollars United States), South Lampung (USD 500 million), Morotai Island (USD 2.9 billion), Central Tapanuli (USD 1.8 billion), Buton (USD 1 billion), and Banten (USD 7.5 billion). (Jubi / Sindung/ Tina)

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