Peoples in Merauke trying re-established the two villages (Jubi)


Peoples in Merauke trying re-established the two villages (Jubi)

Peoples in Merauke trying re-established the two villages (Jubi)

The number of  Marind -Imbuti people has dropped significantly in recent years, said Kasimirus Gebze, a native Marind.

“There is no significant improvement here. Native people still live in poor conditions and their population is gradually decreasing,” Gebze said before the declaration of the reestablishment of Yobur and Imbuti villages at the office of Indigenous Peoples Organization in Imbuiti on Saturday (15/3)

“We have to take a stand. We can not let the people live in such conditions Yes, I fully support  the re-establishment of the two villages. I also appreciated  Burhanuddin Zein for his effort, ” he said.

He call for immediate steps to save the Marind-Imbuti people.


He added that re-forming the two villages would greatly help the survival of the Imbuti- Marind people and the v government will plan a range of development programs including a budget plan .
“If both villages are re-established, then the budget allocated will give a great impact on development. Since for decades, the government has not not served them well, ” he said.

Waros Gebze, a community leader, said: “I think this is the most appropriate step to save the people. For a long time, they live within the Samkai village which is mostly dominated by migrants,” he said.

He said he hopes all parties including the Merauke Representatives Council (DPRD) would support the re-formation of the two local villages.

The initiator of the two village formation, Burhanuddin Zein, said the declaration and signatures of support would be submitted to Merauke regent Romanus Mbaraka .
“We are committed to realizing the two villages this year, ” Zein said. ( Jubi / Frans L Kobun/ Tina)

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