Marind communities in villages have not been given well attention– Jubi/Frans L Kobun

Ndiken claimed Marind community has not enjoyed special autonomy


Marind communities in villages have not been given well attention– Jubi/Frans L Kobun

Merauke, Jubi – Members of the Regional Representatives Council (DPRD) of Merauke, Hendrikus Hengky Ndiken highlight the use of special autonomy funds (Autonomy). Ndiken claimed these funds have not enjoyed by indigenous Papuans. Over the years they still live below the poverty line.

He told on Tuesday (3/4/2017) that over 18 years, special autonomy funds disbursed by the central governments for the welfare of the community, but in reality Papuan indigenous are still marginalized and living in poverty.

He said that special autonomy funds disbursed in Merauke each year amounting to Rp138 billion. However, there is no real evidence of the program in the fields of education, health and infrastructure.

“For example the Papuan people in the city. At some point, their home looks so bad and alarming. Those are livable,” he said.


“Another issue is lack of education. Many Papuans children now work as a scavenger.”

He also criticizes health care issue on quality of services to Papuan indigenous and the attention of medical personnel. “Some of these issues are very sad. In fact, a large amount of special autonomy funds have not been utilized for the sake OAP, “he said.

One of the Youth Leaders Kimaam, Emanuel Buyuka said that the utilization of autonomy funds in Merauke district is ‘unclear’. The Papuan indigenous quality of life never progressed.

It is a fact that life of Papuan people in the villages has not improved. I think this has to be a serious note for Merauke government,” he said.(*)

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