Frans Komon (Jubi)

Many residents of Boven Digoel have been moved to Papua New Guinea

Frans Komon (Jubi)

Frans Komon (Jubi)

Merauke , Jubi ( 19/1 ) – Head Mindiptanah Sub District, District of Boven Digoel , Francis Komon said, many residents of Boven Digoel have been moved to Papua New Guinea (PNG) a few years ago. They were determined to return home, but they still waiting for the new district, Muyu district.

“There is a intention of them to return home in Mindiptanah, Digoel. However, they still waiting for new district, District of Muyu with its capital in Mindiptanah, ” said Komon to, Saturday (18/1).

About how many people who crossed into the State of PNG, Komon said it can not confirm, but he said there are many peoples. To cross into the neighboring country, can be passed by land or sea. The access by road and the sea is not too difficult.

Vice Regent of Boven Digoel , Isaiah Merasi also recognizes that many of its citizens have crossed over to the State of PNG . They moved there to tempt fate. However, until now, their lives is not changed.


“It is true that there is a great desire of them to go home. Of course, local governments are very welcome. They should return to build their own hometown . Moreover, shortly, Muyu already be new district and will be separate from the parent district, ” said Isaiah, Saturday (18/1). (Jubi/Ans/Victor Mambor)

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