BPJS card


BPJS card

BPJS card

Timika , 22/4 ( Jubi ) –  Many residents have not taken advantage of free health care under the Jaminan Kesehatan Masyarakat  (Jamkesmas) insurance scheme, a health official said.

“Many health insurance cards that we distributed have not been used,” said Ismuyoko said on Tuesday ( 22/4).

He explained, the Social Security Agency (BPJS) for Health informed to the public that they can use Jamkesmas card to access health care if they have not had the Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional (JKN) card yet.
“Perhaps the reason is because the JKN cards have not been printed, so Jamkesmas cardholders automatically still can not get JKN card, ” he said.

Residents who have registered as the owner of the Jamkesmas card is automatically registered as participants of JKN under BPJS for health .
“Regarding when BPJS will issue JKN card is still the authority of BPJS . We from the public health center has not really understood the mechanism of it. The public health center (Puskesmas) only socialize and share Information as we know . We often encourage people who do not have a health card as soon as possible to have one.” he added.


“Because it is very important card. If people are sick, it will cost a lot of money. Yet, if he ‘ she has already registered as participants BPJS, the card will cover the payment, ” he said.

“People who have JKN card will not cover the cost of treatment entirely. There are definitely some regulations and options given. For those who hold JKN cards can choose which services they want. either at the public health center, clinic or family doctor who had been cooperating with BPJS , ” said Ismuyoko.

Meanwhile, chief medical officer of Papua Province , drg . Aloysius Giyai hopes that the public will be able to distinguish between the Social Security Agency ( BPJS ) and Papua New Health Insurance ( Jamkespa ).

Aloysius explains , BPJS is a health insurance  program that must be owned by the entire public in Indonesia and Papua. While Jamkespa itself is a health insurance set up by the Government of Papua based on Governor Regulation No. 6 of 2014 concerning Guarantee Health Care for the People of Papua to help smothering the deficiencies of BPJS .
“However, should be known that Jamkespa is merely a referral services at the hospital. Currently Jamkespa has changed its name to Papua Cards Health (PPP),” Giyai said. ( Jubi / Eveerth/ Tina )

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