Many Pupils at Wandos Elementary School Cannot Read


Supiori, Jubi – Many fourth grade pupils at Wandos Elementary School, Douwbo Village of Supiori Timur Sub-district, Supiori Regency, Papua, cannot read or count, said a teacher at that school who wants to be identified as AW to Jubi on last week in Biak.

“The first time I was hired as a non-staff teacher, I was assigned to teach the third grade pupils. Of seven pupils of the third grade, only one knew the alphabets,” said AW.

For that reason, he tried hard to teach the pupils how to read and count.
“Although they are now at fourth grade, but they are still very slow in reading,” he said.

He further said this situation occurred due lack of teachers in that school. The consequence is many pupils of fourth and fifth grades are still not able to read. In addition, lack of attention from the pupils’ parents to escort their children at home is also another factor.

In separate place, the Chairman of Biak Youth Intellectual Forum, Markus Komboi, said the learning activity at school should run everyday. “Why the pupils still can not read? This is so embarrassing!” he said. Then he asks the parents, teachers as well as local Education Office staffs as the implementators to give a notice on Wandos Elementary School, so the case would not continue to happen. (Marten Boseren/rom)


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