Officials of District of Merauke (Jubi)

Many People Often Manage the Teacher’s Mutation in Merauke

Officials of District of Merauke (Jubi)

Officials of District of Merauke (Jubi)

Merauke, Jubi (21/1) – The Education Office of Merauke District was not given the authorities to mutate the teachers whereas it is actually the most competent institution to do it.  In fact, there are other Officers from certain offices have the authorities to perform mutations without any acknowledgement from the relevant office.

Sometimes we were surprised when knowing that the teacher had moved to another place. When being asked, the person answered without feeling guilty that he or she got the disposition of transfer from the other office. In fact it was not the authority of other office to manage and regulate the teachers’ mutation,” the Head of Junior High School Department of Education Office of Merauke District, Liem Gebze, said on Tuesday (21/1).
As the Official in the Education Office, Gebze said, that his office realized if there are still many limitations, especially the learning and teaching activities in the villages are not running because most of teachers were in the city to continue their study.
He said that one of the solutions that are being thought by the Education Office is to collaborate with the Teacher Education Collage For Papua (Kolase Pendidikan Guru/KPG Khas Papua) where the fresh college graduates can be hired and located in the villages to do their task and responsibility in daily teaching.
“I also asked the input and feedback from the parliament in order to solve the problem of education. If we are not able to overcome the question of shortage of teachers in the villages, I am ready to put my title as the Head of Department in the Education Office,” he said.

The District Government Secretary of Merauke, Daniel Pauta, said the local government is considering and planning to hire KPG’s graduates to be placed in the villages. “Yes, this year, the planning will be implemented. So the learning activities in the villages will be going back to normal,” he said. (Jubi/Ans)

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