Chairman of Papua Legislative Council, Yunus Wonda - Jubi

Too Many Papuans Get Killed on Their Land, says Councilor

Chairman of Papua Legislative Council, Yunus Wonda - Jubi

Chairman of Papua Legislative Council, Yunus Wonda – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Chairman of Papua Legislative Council Yunus Wonda expressed his concern over series of violence occurred in Papua recently, especially over the indigenous Papuans. The latest incident was the shooting of a teenager in Sugapa, Intan Jaya that allegedly perpetrated by Mobile Brigade officer.

He said too many Papuans were killed on their own land. Too much blood was spilled on the Land of Papua. Too many people become the widows and widowers and too many children become the orphans.

“It’s enough. Papuans were suffering for long time on their own land. No more kill over Papuans. Killing or shooting over Papuans is not a solution. If they made a mistake or were considered harmful to the security force, they shouldn’t get shot for dead. Why not be paralyzed?” said Wonda on Wednesday (31/8/2016).

He expressed his disappointment towards the security force’s attitude in Sugapa. He measured them to show their arrogant and emotional attitude. “The perpetrator must be really punished. Don’t let it go. Papua Police Chief must stop such violence way,” he said.


Wonda who’s politician from Democrat Party said he wanted the Mobile Brigade officers served in Papua Central Highland area to be pulled out. He more accepted if the police officers and military personnel assigned in that area.

“We asked to all Mobile Brigade officers in Papua Central Highland to be pulled. They don’t deserve it. They are arrogant and overreacted. Let the police and military to be assigned there,” he said.

According to him, the Mobile Brigade could get ready in the critical situation, but in normal condition, the police officers are sufficient to guard the area. “If really want to shoot people, they better go to Gaza Strip. Shooting is not a solution to solve the problem,” he added. (*/rom)

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