House of Representative of Papua Province - Jubi

Many Officials Unfamiliar with Special Bylaw : Legislator


Jayapura, Jubi – Many officials in regencies in Papua remain unfamiliar with various Special Regional Regulations (Perdasus),  said a Papuan Legislator, Wilhelmus Pigai.

House of Representative of Papua Province - Jubi

House of Representative of Papua Province – Jubi

He said there had not been an effective program to familiarize people with regulations, including those on community-based economy for Papuans and population.

“I’m not talking nonsense. This I found when I visited some regencies, villages and districts. It is understandable if the ordinary communities do not understand,” Pigai told Jubi on Wednesday (25/11/2015).

“All regulations issued are accordance with Papua Special Autonomy Law. Yet until ordinary people are unware of them,” he said.

On one occasion, the chairman of commission II of Papua Legislative Council on Economics, Deerd Tabuni said the Papua provincial government should immediately issue a Governor Regulation (gubernatorial) so that regulation on people’s based- economy can be implemented.


“This regulation is important to protect indigenous Papuans populist economic actors. It has been approved since 2008, but until now has not been enforced, “said Deerd at the time. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)

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