Manpower Department to Facilitate Freeport’s Employees


Timika, Jubi – The head of the Mimika Manpower and Transmigration Department ( Depnaker), Mameyau Dionysius, said his office would facilitate the employees of PT Freeport Indonesia during the strike.

“We had the letter. So, before and after the strike, the related agencies such as Manpower and Transmigration department must facilitate them,” Mameyau Dionysius said on Tuesday (28/10).

If there are no obstacles, the office will soon be facilitating the meeting between Freeport management and workers.
“Actually, the demands of the workers have been submitted to the management, but for some reason there has been no follow-up. So employees asked permission to go on strike, ” Mameyau added.

He said he hopes both parties can reach some agreement, so work activity can return to normal.

“Since it can be detrimental to all parties, both companies and workers themselves, we’re working on it that the strike would not happen. Local governments remain committed to find the best solution for it, “he said.


Meanwhile, the management of PT Freeport Indonesia refused to comment regarding the Plan of joint strike of three-Trade Working Union, Chemical, Energy and Mining Indonesia Workers Union (PUK SP KEP SPSI). If there is no answer to demands, the miners will go on strike on November 6, 2014. (Eveerth Joumilena/Tina)

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