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Manokwari declares alert status against African swine fever


Manokwari, Jubi – The Manokwari administration in West Papua province declared on Thursday, April 22, 2021, an alert status against the African swine fever (ASF) virus, suspected as the cause of death of hundreds of pigs in the region.


In the Circular of the Regent of Manokwari No. 524.3/324 on raising vigilant on the spread of disease in pigs in Manokwari Regency, Regent Hermus Indou informed that currently there had been no vaccine or drug to tackle the virus responsible for the high mortality in pigs.


“This virus can be transmitted through direct contact, insects, and contaminated clothing, livestock equipment, vehicles, and feed,” Indou said.



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Indou urged breeders and sellers of pork products to prevent transmission of the ASF virus by implementing a good biosecurity culture. “Pig breeders should maintain the cleanliness of the stables and not provide the pigs with leftover food from households, restaurants, ports, and hotels as it can be a medium of transmission,” he said.


The regent also asked the public to report any information regarding sick pigs or sudden death of pigs. Pigs that were found dead without cause must be buried to curb the transmission. “It is not allowed to throw the pig carcass into the river, sea, or forest near residential areas,” said Indou.


The Manokwari Disaster Management Agency reported 171 pig deaths in the past two weeks. “As many as 171 pigs which belong to Manokwari residents died. They are mostly found dead in the area of Borobudur in Padarni Subdistrict, West Manokwari District, North Manokwari District, and Warmare District,” said Wanto, chief of the Manokwari Disaster Management Agency.


Wanto said that the administration was still monitoring the death of pigs in the area while waiting for the results of laboratory tests conducted by the West Papua team at the Maros Veterinary Center.


“The cause of the death of these pigs is not known yet, we are still coordinating with the West Papua Animal Husbandry and Animal Health Agency about the matter,” said Wanto.


Reporter: Hans Kapisa

Editor: Edho Sinaga

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