Mama Yosepha (behind the police) in Police Office)


Mama Yosepha (behind the police) in Police Office)

Mama Yosepha (behind the police) in Police Office)

Jayapura 13/01 (Jubi) – Dispersion of dozens of activists who were protesting and expressing their aspirations at DPRP office was unethical and disrespectful, said Yosepha Alomang or well – known as Mama Yosepha, the recipient of the Yap Thiam Hien Award 1999.

Mama Yosepha confirmed that she herself was pulled by police during dispersing dozens of protestors at DPRP office this morning. Mama Yosepha and a number of other activists came to DPRP office to convey the aspirations of Papua people.
“I came with my pride and dignity to express the aspirations to the Papua Legislative Council ( DPRP) and I do not do any violence. I came because I know that the DPRP is to listen and accommodate the aspirations .” said Mama Yosepha, award recipient of The Goldman Environmental Prize in 2001, the prestigious field of human rights and the environment of the United States in the past 24 April 2001, Monday (13/01).

She was not respected at all by the police. Further Mama Yosepha wondered,why did the police do anything like that to her. Actually what this country has done is not praiseworthy.
“Their responsibility to protect us (me) but I was treated like this, and seems like, has intention to kill me by harshly pulling me when I tried to help.” she said , by pointing her torn raincoat.

She added this incident occurred when she wanted to get into the car where Markus Haluk was and taking him to Jayapura Regency police station (Polresta).
“I want to get on the car and the police kicked me out.” she said. “ Iam old and why they did like that for me.” added Mama Yosepha.


The same thing was also said by First Chairman of central KNPB, Kosay Agus . He stated that the dissolution by the security forces immediately came and seized their demonstration attributes.
“The police took away our attributes such as banners etc. We told them that we do not act anarchy, but they insisted to take our banners. There are a few people of our colleagues were treated violently such as to Mama Yosepha and other fellow activists.” said Agus, Monday (13/01)

Separately, Police Chief of Jayapura City, AKBP. Alfred Papare claimed that the arrest of activists at DPRP office was based on Standard Operation Procedures of police or Protap.

“Who says that we treated them violently. We even treated them well. Our polices were only 20 personnel while they were approximately 30 people.” said Alfred. (Jubi/Indraawyadi TH/Benny Mel/Tina)

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