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Friday, 21 April 2017 - 17:36 WIB

Malaria endemic in eastern parts of Indonesia, tourists are asked to be cautious

Anopheles mosquito - Supplied

Anopheles mosquito - Supplied

Anopheles mosquito – Supplied

Jakarta, Jubi – Ministry of Health asked the public, especially tourists who want to travel to eastern Indonesia, to be cautious of malaria transmission.

Based on data from Ministry of Health quoted in Jakarta, April 19th the achievement of malaria eradication in NTT Province, Maluku, North Maluku, West Papua and Papua is still zero percent, or still considered high endemic malaria.

Director of Vector and Zoonotic Disease Control and Prevention at the Ministry of Health, Vensya Sitohang reminded tourists, especially those who travel backpacks and adventure to various remote areas in order to prepare for malaria anticipation.

Vensya said the most important anticipation is to keep away from being bitten by anopheles mosquito, the cause of malaria.


He suggested, if possible, for tourists not to go out at night when anopheles mosquitoes are more active.

“If they have to go out at night, protect the body with lotion, and if sleep must use mosquito net,” she said while suggested people regularly visit the health service for laboratory checks to know whether they are infected.

In addition, tourists are also advised to take preventive malaria drugs before traveling that can be obtained at health centers. The drug is given free of charge.

NTT and West Papua provinces are now popular tourist destinations with several favorite places, such as Raja Ampat and the stunning islands of Labuan Bajo.(*)

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