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Mahfud MD pledges Paniai human rights case be solved


Jakarta, Jubi — Coordinating Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Minister Mahfud MD has ensured that the alleged gross human rights violations in Paniai, Papua, would be held according to law, now that the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) has appointed 22 prosecutors to investigate the case.

“This will certainly be processed according to law,” Mahfud said on Sunday, December 5, 2021, as quoted by CNN Indonesia.

Mahfud said the alleged gross human rights violation in Paniai was announced last year by the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM). A case is qualified to be called gross human rights violation according to the assessment of and determination by the Komnas HAM.

Meanwhile, according to Mahfud, the follow-up process for allegations of gross human rights violations that occurred before the issuance of Law No. 26/2000 on the Human Rights Court, is conducted through the House of Representatives.

“The House will be the first to analyze whether there is sufficient evidence and whether it can be proven so that the case can be brought to court. While cases of human rights violations that occurred after the issuance of Law No. 26/2000 were handled, analyzed, and followed up by the AGO in coordination with the Komnas HAM,” Mahfud explained.


The AGO has recently formed an investigative team to probe the alleged gross human rights violations that occurred in Papua’s Paniai in 2014. The formation of the team was stated in a decree signed by Attorney General ST Burhanuddin on December 3. The investigative team consisted of 22 senior prosecutors and was chaired by the Deputy Attorney General for Special Crimes, Ali Mukartono.

“[Attorney General] has signed the Attorney General’s Decree No. 267/2021 dated December 3, concerning the Establishment of a Team to Investigate Allegations of Serious Human Rights Violations in Paniai, Papua Province in 2014. The office has also issued Investigation Warrant No.Print-79/A/JA/12/2021,” said Head of the AGO’s Legal Information Center Leonard Eben Ezer Simanjuntak in a written statement on Friday. (*)

Editor: Edi Faisol

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