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Maestro Dancer from Papua Performs at World Dance Day

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Ilustration – Suplied

Solo, Jubi – The rector of the Indonesian Art Institute of Solo, Central Java, Prof Dr Sri Rochana Widyastutiningrum, opened World Dance Day by performing ‘Dancing Solo 24 Hours’ with more than 3,000 dancers.

He said the event was important because it gathered dance experts from across the country and to further promote dance to the younger generation.
“Through this event, it will be able to form a national character better,” he said in Solo this week.

He said every year participants continue to rise. Last year was followed by 3,000 dancers but now it was much more than that and even we rejected the participants because we could not accommodate them.
“Last year many buildings were not used, but now all buildings are used for these activities,” he said.

World Dance Day celebration started at 06.00 am. It began with the performance of four dancers who will dance for 24 hours non-stop.


Thousand of dancers got involved, some of them are from foreign countries and also a number of maestro dance including Jan Malibela from Malamoi tribe (Papua), Savitri (Mask dancer from Sabrang Lor Tegal), Mulyani (Bedaya dancer from Solo), and Temu ( Gandrung dancer from Banyuwangi).

At the end of the event ‘Dancing Solo 24 Hours’ held cultural oration delivered by Prof. Dr. Endang Caturwati from the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) and a dance seminar that presented by Andayani Esti (Director General of Information and Cultural Diplomacy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Mooryati Sudibyo, Romo Muji Sutrisno, SJ, Juju Masunah (Ministry of Tourism), and Ki Enthus Susmono. (*)

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