Lukas Enembe and Klemen Tinal - IST

Lukas Enembe and Klemen Tinal at the top of Golkar survey


Lukas Enembe and Klemen Tinal – IST

Jayapura, Jubi – An incumbent candidate for governor and deputy governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe – Klemen Tinal (Lukmen) is at the top of the Golkar Party survey results.

Chairman of the selection team for the governor candidate-the deputy governor of regent and deputy regent of Golkar Party Sefnat Masnifit said Golkar refers to three survey institutions namely Indo Barometer, Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting and Indicator Publik Indonesia.

The results of the three survey agencies put Lukmen at the top with an average percentage of 75 percent. Not only the survey, from the results of fit and proper tests by Golkar party, Lukmen got the highest point of 500.

“From these references and data which are further paired with survey data, both of these couples get more points than other candidates who participated in Golkar selection,” he said to reporters on Monday (July 31).


According to him, Lukas Enembe is considered to master the laws of government and implement it in the form of concrete programs based on his vision of mission. In addition, the vision and mission of Lukas Enembe and Klemen Tinal have the same aim with Golkar.

“The results of this survey are collaborated and then concluded, it turns out that Lukeas and Klemen has a chance. But the final recommendation is all with the DPP (Central Leadership of the Party). DPD (Regional leadership) is only submits the results and it is not final until it has been evaluated by DPP,” he said.

DPD Golkar Papua Province proposed 38 names of candidates for regional heads in Papua for the 2018 upcoming elections to the DPP. A total of 32 names are prospective candidates for regents of seven regencies in Papua and six others are prospective Papuan governors.

Acting Chairman of DPD Golkar Party of Papua, Azis Samual said the six candidates for Papua’s governor are Lukas Enembe, Paulus Waterpauw, Jhon Wempi Wetipo, Lenis Kogoya, Albert Yoku and Ones Pahabol.

“The selection of 2018 election is very tight because Golkar wants to win in Papua. There are criteria for candidates given party recommendations,” Aziz told reporters last week. (*)

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