LPMA Swamemo Chairman Thobias Bagubau - Supplied

LPMA Swamemo: Governor’s Decree on Termination of Gold Mining in Degeuwo

LPMA Swamemo Chairman Thobias Bagubau - Supplied

LPMA Swamemo Chairman Thobias Bagubau – Supplied

Jayapura, Jubi – Wolani, Mee and Moni Tribal Community Development Institute (LPMA Swamemo) explained between 2003 and 2016, Papua governors and Paniai regentns have issued nine decrees to shut down illegal gold mining but no action has been taken so far.

“We observed that all instructions, decrees and policies have been issued by both Papua Provincial Government and Paniai Regional Government, in this term are the governor and the regent. It was nine letters about dismissal and letter of termination,” said LPMA Swamemo Chairman Thobias Bagubau to Jubi in Jayapura on Thursday (08/09/2016).
Bagubau said the first ruling was Governor Decree No. 1 Year 2011 about the termination of illegal gold mines in the entire regions of Papua Province.
“The second is the Paniai Regent’s Instruction No. 53 Year 2009 dated 27 August 2009 about the temporary closure of gold mine site along the bank of Degeuwo River, Bogobaida Sub-district, Paniai Region,” he said. Besides the instruction, he said the regent also issued the letter No 543/207/PAN/2009 addressed to businessmen about the notification of the temporary closure of gold mine site.
“There is also the Papuan People’s Assembly’s Decree No 540/MRP/2009 dated 05 August 2009 on the suit over illegal gold mining in Degeuwo,” he said.
The secretary of LPMA Swamemo Johanes Kobepa revealed the investigation conducted by the Human Rights Commission Papua on 15 November 2009 said the gold mining issue in Degeuwo would potentially trigger the human rights violation. Kobepa said LPMA also has a letter by Paniai Police Chief No B/114/X/2009/Respan dated 22 October 2009 asking the businessmen who have the heavy equipment to obey the instruction of Paniai Regent. “The letter of the Secretary of Justice and Peace of Timika Diocese No 06/RK/12/211 dated 15 June 2012 on the report of shooting incident of 15 May 2012,” said Kobepa.

It is including the Paniai Regent’s Decree No. 20 Year 2014 to the businessmen on the termination of the illegal mining activity at Nomowodide Village, Bogabaida Sub-district, Paniai. He regretted although those letters are clear, but up to now the businessmen are still running the illegal mining activity in Degewo with back up of the military personnel. “There is a back up from the Police, Mobile Brigade and Military,” he said. (*/rom)

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