Illustration of illegal logging - IST

Logs delivery out of Papua should be watched


Illustration of illegal logging – IST

Kaimana, Jubi – The change of Forestry Minister’s regulation on forest wealth affects wood processing systems and the like in each region.

Regulation of Papua and West Papua Governor in 2017 that all logs logged by logging companies in Papua are no longer sent out without processed.
Chairman of DPRD Kaimana, Frans Amerbey requested that the regulation of these two governors should be reinforced.
According to him, eliminating round wood shipments out of Papua and West Papua in 2017 will have an impact on development.
“It’s a rule that must be upheld, and certainly its considerat refers to the higher rules. So we have to be more firmly and supervise the implementation, so there is no violation,” he told Jubi in Kaimana, July 1.
He said that the policy against the rules already applies. If a logging company has not yet established an industry, it is judged to be the company’s sole reason.
“For me, if the timber industry is built in that area the impact is large, there will be an absorbtion of labors, the sale of agricultural products can be absorbed, if there is a good economic increase. So, the rules should be more assertive,” he said.
Separately, the Coordinator of Forest Service (Dishut) of West Papua for Kaimana District, F.I. Lawalata said, his role is only regional representatives of public servant there, while related authority, administration and licensing submitted to Dishut West Papua.
Residents of Kaimana, who is also an ulayat owner in the Buruway District, Sonny Tana, hopes that all HPHs operating in Tanah Papua comply with applicable regulations, and can establish industries to reduce unemployment.(*)

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