Students at highland of West Papua - Jubi/Victor Mambor

Local Teaching Graduates in Papua Must Be Given A Priority

Students at highland of West Papua - Jubi/Victor Mambor

Students at highland of West Papua – Jubi/Victor Mambor

Jayapura, Jubi – The Papua Education and Culture Office urged both municipal and regional governments to employ teaching faculty graduates from local universities, including from the University of Cenderawasih.

The Head of Papua Education and Culture Office, Elias Wonda said on Sunday (15/11/2015) in Jayapura even though the local governments are responsible for the teachers’ recruitment process in their respective regencies, there’s no harm optimizing the existing manpower in Papua.
“The regents should prioritize the teaching graduates in Papua to be recruited, please consult to the Rector if they need more graduates, so the university could take action to improve the number,” he said.

According to Wonda, each year the University of Cenderawasih produces 500 teaching graduates, so the local governments should look this local potential first before deciding to recruit teachers from outside of Papua. “I am glad if it is realized, but many regents prefer to hire teachers from outside of Papua,” he said.

He further explained according to the Papua Education Office’s data, the number of teachers hired under the ‘Indonesia Cerdas’ program in Papua and West Papua provinces is 800 people, while each year the university produces hundreds of teachers. “For 500 teaching graduates of the University of Cendrawasih, where would they go? Since the local governments do not have intention to recruit them. It needs to be evaluated,” said Wonda.


Earlier, on Wednesday (14/10/2015), the Chairman of Indonesia Cerdas Institute, Shepard Supit told the missionary teachers who so-called the transformation educators in Papua are not merely teaching but also implementing the community development works. “The community development works are including the training and counseling in order to improve the human resources quality in Papua,” said Supit. (Alexander Loen/rom)

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