Local Government Urged to Revise Regional Regulation Alcohol


Biak, Jubi/Antara – Biak Numfor Police asked the Biak Regional Government to immediately revise its regulation on the distribution of alcoholic bevarages.

“We have submitted a proposal to Acting Regent Thomas Ondy to revise the 2001 Regional Regulation for 2015 to mete out sanctions towards those who break the law,” Biak-Numfor Police Chief Yustanto Mujiharso said on Sunday (4/1) in Biak.

He said the existing regulation is not able to get those who break the regulation on the Circulation of Liquor because it has not yet accommodated it. Further, he said the Biak-Numfor Police is committed to crack down the illegal liquor suppliers in their area.

“The Local Government of Biak Numfor also has responded to our proposal. The revision is aimed to prevent the circulation of liquor illegally,” said the Chief Yustanto Mujiharso who just gets promoted on 1 January 2015.

He said alcohol consumption was a trigger for many crimes so it must be strictly regulated by a regional regulation. Referring to the data, the Biak Government through the Acting Regent’s instruction has banned the circulation of liquor within this area until the final revision of the Regional Regulation on the Liquor. (*/rom)


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