Local Government Gain Public Support for Program to Empower Native Papuans


Wamena, Jubi – The Jayawijaya reegency government’s Plan to move Papuan street traders to the traditional market ‘Potikelek’ has gained support fromstudents and local residents.

The Central Papua Highland and Jayawijaya Community Forum (FMJ-PTP) said it supports the government’s program for native women traders of Wamena City.
“We appreciate the local government for their attention to the native people,” FMJ-PTP General Coordinator Soleman Itlay said during their visit to the traditional market at Potikelek on Saturday (7/2/2015).

The forum urged the local government to immediately launch the Potikelek Traditional Market and to bring the indigenous women traders who were previously outside the market into the market.
“We also hope the government of Jayawijaya Regency can separate the trading commodities for Papuans and non-Papuans. The betel nuts, firewood, farming products are for Papuans. It is to avoid a monopoly in trading just like now,” Itlay said.

On the other hand, the Rev. Theo Kossay said he totally support the government’s regulation to prohibit the economic activities in the market and shops in Wamena City. “We also urged the local government to control the price of nine basic commodities that are still expensive. Generally, there is no price adjustment in the kiosks, shops or supermarkets in Wamena,” Kossay said.

He added the local government’s partisanship to improve the public infrastructures and facilities was decent and appreciated. By providing the traditional market means the Local Government of Jayawijaya Regency has provide decent place for the Papuan women traders as well as the native Papuan traders to conduct their activity.


Besides the traditional market, they hoped the Jayawijaya Government to also pay attention to other areas such as education and health services, road and other infrastructure constructions. (Islami/rom)

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