Eunike Ohee, lcal crafters sell her Noken in FDS exhibition - Jubi/Engel Wally

Local culture should take precedence in the FDS event


Eunike Ohee, lcal crafters sell Papuan traditional Noken in FDS exhibition – Jubi/Engel Wally

Sentani, Jubi – Since the holding of Lake Sentani Festival (FDS) in 2007 the people of Jayapura Regency expect on villages local cultural content to be prioritized in FDS.

Local community figures, Alfredo Suebu said FDS has not realized the wishes of local communities. This festival is considered merely ceremonial.

“This FDS still features company products that are clearly not prioritizing cultural and local wisdom. The question is whether it is really a cultural festival or a development exhibition?

Things which should be shown here is cultural and traditions of local Sentani society,” said Alfredo FDS are at Beach Kalkote Tour, East Sentani District, Sunday (June 18).


Therefore, he said in the FDS X event on 19-23 June 2017 it is expected that local villages can show their cultural potentials.

Papuan women figure, Kori Ohee also argued that this time the Government has not prepared a decent place for local economic business actors during the FDS exhibition.

“Whose benefit is FDS? Which place is good for our local economic actors? It was a pity for local traders who came to sell food but did not get a good place during the exhibitions,” she said. (*)

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