Linus Hiluka - Jubi

Linus Hiluka: Ex-Political Prisoners Have Not Received Release Letter

Linus Hiluka - Jubi

[/media-credit] Linus Hiluka – Jubi

Wamena, Jubi – Five ex-political prisoners who were granted pardon by President Joko Widodo on 9 May are now questioning the existence of a presidential decree on their release.

“Up to now we have not received the original letter of president’s decree on the release of five of us, which has been handed to an appointed person but until now the letter has not been delivered,” one of the former prisoners, Linus Hiluka, told reporters in Wamena on Wednesday (5/8/2015).

In addition, after being released for about two months, he said he and his fellow ex-convicts have not seen the president’s promises during their release materialized, including more openness in Papua and access to foreign journalists as well as the guarantee for the security of five ex-political prisoners and Papuans.

He also affirmed that along with the release of political prisoners, there are persons who take advantage of them, act on behalf of them asking for goods or money that they never ask for to the government. “I have seen on media about fund disbursement, and I will reiterate that referring to our initial agreement, we refused all kind of government’s offers because we are already free to live among family and community and able to make a living on our own and people,” he said.


He also hoped his two fellows who are taped in a TV station in Jakarta could give respect to their decision and return to their family and community without intervention of any parties.

He further asked to a person who brought his two fellows to Jakarta and other culprits to stop offering or submitting proposal on behalf of five ex-political prisoners to the government because they initially had agreement to refuse the government’s aid in any terms.

Related to grant amounted Rp 2.6 billion provided by the Central Government to ex-political prisoners, Linus Hiluka said he and fellows Numbungga Telenggen and Kimanus Wenda would never accept any assistance.

“I’ve heard about it from media, the government prepared some cash for ex-political prisoners, but I confirm never receive it and will refuse it,” he said.

Meanwhile, religious leader and human right activist in the Papua Central Higland, Pastor Jhon Djonga expected well communication was built between the ex-political prisoners, especially to those who were taken to Jakarta. “I hope the five ex-political prisoners have good communication among them to avoid misperception about their initial agreement. About the president’s original letter, I hope certain people not to take benefit of it,” said Pastor Djonga. (Islami/rom)

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