Lekhaka Telenggen Claims Responsibility for Sinak Police Attack


Sinak, JUBI — Lekhaka Telenggen (Leka Telenggen), the chief of the rebel group in Puncak Jaya, said the shootings that killed three policemen in Sinak were carried out by his members.

“I am responsible for this incident. The members and I are cautious in our headquarters to anticipate the counterattack,” Lekhaka told Jubi by phone on Monday (28/12/2015).

According to him, his men attacked the Sinak Police Station on Sunday (27/12/2015) at around 23:00. It killed three police officers, namely Second Brigadier Rasyid (32), Second Brigadier Armansyah (37) and Second Brigadier Ilham (37) and wounded two other officers.

“We also took seven weapons: two AK 47, two SS1 and three Mousers and an ammunition box,” said Lekakha.

Papua Police Deploy Special Forces to Sinai to Back Up Local Officers


Lekhaka Telenggen is often accused as actor behind armed violence in Puncak and Puncak Jaya regencies. In January 2014, he was blamed for the shooting on Battalion Infantry Rider 751 in motorcade led by First Lieutenant Infantry Alafa at Pintu, Mulia Puncak Jaya. He was also blamed for the attack that killed two Mobile Brigade personnel at Illaga, the capital of Puncak Regency in early December 2014.

His name is often associated with Tengamati Telenggen who touted as his son. Both are often associated with West Papua National Liberation Army (TPN-PB) under Goliat Tabuni. However, it is difficult to confirm both are members of TPN-PB.

Although they had those who claimed the attack on Sinak Police Station, the Indonesian Police is still doing investigation on the motive behind the attack that killed three police officers. “The motive is still under investigation,” the Indonesian Police Spokesperson, Inspector General Anton Charliyan told reporter in his office in Jakarta on Monday (28/12/2015).

He explained until now the investigators have not found the evidence related to the shooting perpetrators, so it is too early to say the perpetrators are part of separatist group. “There might have some possibilities, whether it has crime or political motive. It would be revealed once the perpetrators were arrested. The Police could not just assume,” he explained.

Related to the security on the scene, he explained the Indonesian Police Headquarters has deployed their personnel towards Sinak Police Station to investigate the perpetrators as well as the motive of attack. “Team from Headquarters has deployed for back-up,” he added.

Police Expected Be Professional

The attack on Sinak Police Station is feared affecting the civilians in Sinak. The armed conflicts occurred for several times in Puncak and Puncak Jaya regencies were ended with the raids by the security forces.

“The Police should be professional to appoint the perpetrators. There are many groups who support violence in Papua, therefore civilians should not be a target,” Papua legislator from Commission I, Laurens Kadepa said.

According to him, Indonesia, especially Papua, is not yet secured after the presidential election. Although Jokowi and Jusuf Kalla won the election, still there are those who tried to obstruct their mission and vision as the President and Vice President of Indonesia.

“The Police must do the raids to pursue the perpetrators,” said Ruben Magay, another member of Commission I.

In Sinak, further he said, the raids have been conducted for several times because of the armed conflict. The civilians are always becoming the victims. They might move to other places due to the raid by the security forces.

Magay expected the Police could act professional in pursuing the perpetrators on Sinak Police Station attack. The Police, he said, must learn from their previous experience, which they could measure how many personnel is required to pursue the perpetrators.

As politician, both Kadepa and Magay said they are not competent to make conclusion whether the attack was connected with the Jokowi’s plan visit to Papua. (Hengky Yeimo/rom)

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