The body of shooting victim while arrived in Sentani Airport, Jayapura - Jubi

Lekakha Claims to Have Shot 79 Security Personnel

The body of shooting victim while arrived in Sentani Airport,  Jayapura - Jubi

The body of shooting victim while arrived in Sentani Airport, Jayapura – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Puncak Regent Willem Wandik accused Kalenat Telenggen and Lekakha Teleggen of being behind an attack that killed four civilians in Sinak on Tuesday (15/3/2016).

“Kalenat Telenggen and Lekakha Telenggen did it. They are behind the attack on PT. Modern workers who built Trans Papua Highway, the road extent of Puncak Jaya to Puncak Regency,” Wandik told Tempo on Wednesday 916/3/2016).

He added Lekakha’s group was established in 2006, while the name of Kalenat Telenggen was known as the leader of an insurgent group since 2014.

According to him, these two groups are always agitating people in Puncak, Puncak Jaya to Mamberamo regencies.


Meanwhile the Indonesian Police Headquarters in Jakarta said they already had the identity of insurgent group who killed the four workers of PT. Modern in Aggengen Village of Sinak Sub-district, Puncak Jaya Regency.

“Identified already, they are the same group that earlier attacking sub-district and district police stations,” said the Indonesian Police Chief General Badrodin Haiti at Ministry of Political, Legal and Human Rights Affairs Office in Jakarta reported CNN Indonesia.

Lekakha Telenggen Says Ready for Responsibility

It is Lekakha Telenggen who confessed as shooting perpetrator over Sinak Police Station on 28 December 2015. Additionally, in January 2015, he and his son Tengamati Telenggen were accused by the Police as attackers who killed two Mobile Brigade personnel Thomson Siahaan and Jeferson in Ilaga, the capital of Puncak Regency in early December 2014. The two personnel were shot when crossing in front of Puncak Regent Office by truck. The insurgents took away two guns AK 47.

Separately contacted by Jubi, Lekakha Telenggen did not deny or confirm the allegations against him. However, he said he was ready be held responsible for the attack if his group did it.

“I am ready to be responsible for the shooting of four construction workers if my group did it,” he said.

As soldiers, he said, they have task to do guerilla in the forest for revolution in the war, not shooting the civilians. “Up to now we have shot 79 military and police personnel,” he said.

Doubt on Lekakha’s Claim

Lekhakha’s claim was doubtful since the group’s goal and affiliation has not been ascertained yet, whether it is affiliated with the National Liberation Army/Papua Free Movement (TPN/OPM).

Socratez Yoman, Chairman of the Papuan Baptist Church Fellowship doubted if the TPN/OPM involved in the shooting. “Is that the OPM supported by security forces in Papua during the time? I don’t believe if the OPM did the shooting,” he said.

According to him, the shooting perpetrators are still in question, because during the time those who did the shooting and killing over the civilians in the highland area aren’t the OPM. If it was true, it must be the supported OPM. “They (supported OPM) once and often said they were supplied with bullets, rice and cigarettes hence being instructed to trigger a mess,” he said.

But for whoever did it, Socratez Yoman strongly condemned the shooting. “It cannot be justified and accepted for whatever reasons. The shooting over four workers was the humanity crime and human rights violation,” he said.

Frangky Demena, relative of three victims Andreas Demena, Daud Demotuw-Demena and David Demena, told the incident that killed his brothers and their co-worker was very awkward, since these workers are not anybody’s enemy. “Why did they shot the civilians instead of security personnel? That’s our question,” he said.

Andreas Demena’s younger brother, Alfius Demena also said the same thing. He admitted his brother had lived in Puncak Jaya for 20 years. “The shooting was perpetrated by the fake OPM to disturb the security. Impossible if the OPM shot the civilians,” he said.

Project Rivalry and BPK

Related to the shooting incident, Paniai Customary Council Chief John Gobay said it could be an impact of rivalry to win the road construction project of Sinak-Mulia Highway.

“I once had experience in Enarotali. There was a contractor who lose the project tender then took the armed group and support them to disturb the running project. It almost occurred the fatality, but we could prevent it,” said Gobay to Jubi.

“In near future the Financial Audit Investigator will come to audit the financial orf provincial and regency isnt it? the OPM issue could be a reason a game to obstruct the investigation. (Hengky Yeimo/Victor Mambor)

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