Legislator Urges Governor to Change Special Autonomy Fund Sharing Scheme


Jayapura, Jubi – A legislator from PPP, Nason Utty, urged Papua Governor Lukas Enembe to change the current Special Autonomy fund sharing scheme to regencies/municipality.

“The governor’s policy actually indicate the kindness of Lukas Enembe, but the regents and major misused it. The money never reached communities. Better to withdraw the money to overcome the existing problems,” he said in Jayapura on Tuesday (15/12/2015).

He said the fund sharing scheme of 80 percent to regencies/municipality and 20 percent to province is not effective and more likely to be exploited for political interests.

“The scheme of 30-70 or 40-60 percent is fine. Let’s us pray that the governor could be wise on this for clear reason, because some regents in certain regencies used this fund for their political activity, thus the money transferred was used for other purpose,” he said.

Utty further asked for supports from the entire parliament’s fractions to endorse the governor to change his policy. “It should be changed in 2016, I expect the supports from other fractions because the regents are not able to apply this policy. The Commission V has submitted this issue to the Budgetary Body. This is a political decision, the decision is on the hand of fractions,” he said.


He also explained that since the implementation of 80-20 schemes in 2014, the Provincial Government had difficulties to monitor the expenditure because most of funds were transferred to the regional governments. Therefore, he underlined the portion of fund sharing for provincial government must be larger than regional government to support the provincial monitoring and evaluation on budget expenditure that would be ended in 2021.

“Activities always depend on budget. No budget, no activity. Moreover if it has connection with the public services,” he said. (*/rom)

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