The release of two Tolikara incident suspects, JW and AK - Jubi

Legislator Says Wamena Prosecutor Made Right Decision in Tolikara Case

The release of two Tolikara incident suspects, JW and AK - Jubi

The release of two Tolikara incident suspects, JW and AK – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – The decision by Wamena chief prosecutor to release on bail two Tolikara incident suspects, JW and AK, was the right one, said Orwan Tolli Wone, Papua legislator from the Tolikara electoral district.

He said although the legal process still continues, it is a wise and right decision to reduce tensions.
“Tolikara people are highly expecting this. We thank to all parties, especially the Papua Police and Prosecutor Office, who have released on bail the two suspects. Although the legal process still continues, at least it could recover the situation,” he said on Monday (28/9/2015).

However, he hope charges against the two suspects could be dropped since there is an agreement between two sides to settle this case peacefully.
“I am hoping this case could be discontinued, moreover if later it was proven not guilty. I suspect there is certain parties attempting to disturb security in Tolikara by letting it happened. It wasn’t the intention of people or local government as well as church authority in Tolikara. But it’s certain parties’ desire. It seems full of political interest, and they scarify people,” he said.

He asked Tolikara people to stay calm and not being provoked. He said the interfaith relation in Tolikara must not change like in previous years. “I am also grateful that the current Cenderawasih Regional Military Commander knows what’s Papuan need. Even he said no need to deploy extra security forces in Tolikara. He knows the situation in Tolikara is secured. There’s no problem there. And myself, I do not want any troop deployment either,” he said.


Earlier, Wamena prosecutor chief has released on bail two suspects of Tolikara incident to change their status of police’s detention to city’s detention. “We approved the request on bail because there is guarantee from many parties. But the legal process is still on going. It’s only to change their status. This suspension would be applied till 7 October, after that it need to be extended,” Wamena Prosecutor Chief Nurcahyo said on last week. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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