Papuan legislator Natan Pahabol - Jubi

Legislator Recommend English Day in Schools to Anticipate AEC

Papuan legislator Natan Pahabol - Jubi

Papuan legislator Natan Pahabol – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Facing competition in the era of the Asean Economic Society, Papua legislator Natan Pahabol suggested the introduction of English Day in schools.

The member of the Commission V of the Papua Legislative Council said the implementation of English Day in schools is required because English is an international language.
“The implementation of English Day for at least a day in a week in the particular day should be done gradually, but the students would get used to, at least it is for the beginning,” he said on Monday (22/8/2016).
He said English Day was needed because the Papua Provincial Government often sends students to continue their studies overseas.
“How could they, Papuans, continue their studies abroad if they cannot speak English fluently, so they must be prepared from the early stage. We think for the long term,” he said.
If it has been applied, he added, the Provincial Government need to issue the Governor Regulation. If not, the regional and municipal government could issue it.
“If the regulation was already set up, for example the governor’s decree or regent’s decree or regional regulation, like or dislike, the school authority would obey it. Starting from now we must able to make a break through in the education sector in Papua,” he said.
 A university student in Jayapura City, Nikson Alius said the implementation of English day needs to be considered. “I think it’s a good idea, nothing’s wrong. We are in Papua couldn’t just stay, it needs to do many ways for education in Papua to be able to compete with other region,” said Alius to Jubi.

According to him, during the time, the education in Papua is less creative. This is the time for the Education Office to make a breakthrough for Papuan students to be introduced with English since the early stage. (*/rom)

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