LP3BH Director Yan Christian Warinussy - Supplied

Legal Aid Group Protests KNPB Activists’ Arrest

LP3BH Director Yan Christian Warinussy - Supplied

LP3BH Director Yan Christian Warinussy – Supplied

Sorong, Jubi – The Institute for Legal Aid Research, Study and Development (LP3BH) in Manokwari protested the arrest of 31 activists of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) on Friday (10/6/2016) while distributing the pamphlets.

LP3BH Director Yan Christian Warinussy told Jubi in Sorong City on Tuesday (14/6/2016) the Police’s act was a violation of the rights of freedom of expression and the rights of public gathering regulated in the Criminal Code and the Law No. 39/1999 about human rights as well as international rights conventions.

Further the institute also urged the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to send the special rapporteur and conduct investigation on the alleged human rights violations in Papua, especially about the implementation of the Law No. 9/1998 about the freedom of expression in public.

Recorded in Papua Road Map by the Indonesian Science Institute, he added, there are four findings of issue that were occurred in Papua. The first is the effect of marginalization and discrimination towards indigenous Papuans due to economic development, political conflict and massive migration to Papua since 1970.


A solution suggested by LIPI is to develop a recognized affirmative policy to empower the indigenous Papuans; secondly, the development failure, in particular in the education, health and people’s economic empowerment sectors. According to LIPI, it needs a new paradigm of development which focus on public services improvement for the welfare of indigenous Papuans in the villages; the third is the contradiction of history and political identity between Papua and Jakarta could only be solved through dialogue as applied for Aceh; and the fourth, the acknowledgement of State’s violence in the past against the Indonesian citizens (Indigenous Papuans).

LIPI offered the reconciliation between the Human Rights Court and truth covering as the choices of law and justice enforcement on the Land of Papua, especially for the victims, their families and Indonesian citizens in Papua in general as resolution.

Chairman of KNPB Sorong Raya Kamtius Heselo said KNPB activists often becoming the victims of physical violence while doing the rally that was considered against the Indonesian integrity. (Niko MB/rom)

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