Police office in Jayapura city (Jubi)


Police office in Jayapura city (Jubi)

Police office in Jayapura city (Jubi)

Jayapura, 30/6 (Jubi) – Several Cenderawasih University students have been arrested for gambling, prompting a protest from their lecturer on Sunday (29/6).

Marinus Young, a lecturer of Department of International Relations urged  the security forces to immediately release Teranus Yando and his friends.
“My student is only one. He is going to test his thesis and now he has been arrested for gambling.  This is weird.   I’ve coached him from entering the first lecture, because he’s an orphan, ” he said to tabloidjubi.com by phone on Monday (30/6).

He said he has asked for help from Jayapura City police chief, Assistant Commissioner,  Alfred Papare via mobile phone, but there was no response.
“I’ve just sent an SMS to explain this case, but Jayapura police chief  did not reply. Then,  at 20.00 I texted him and asked  if my student  is not released by 08.00 am,  tomorrow morning,  we will question the performance of the police,” he said

He  said he wondered  if the arrest was linked to the planned July 1 rally . The West Papua National Committee (KNPB)  was to hold a rally on July 1.


Around 15:00 this afternoon, he visited Teranus Yando  in  Jayapura  police detention. He was shocked to see his face full of bruises. When he asked Teranus Yando why he was arrested?  He answered that he does not know because at the time of the incident,  he was watching people playing games and not gambling.
“He was arrested while watching people play gambling. He was terrified, because he was surrounded by police when he saw him,” he said.

Jayapura City police chief, Assistant Commissioner (Pol) Alfred Papare confirmed that  Yando was arrested for suspected gambling.
“We take the perpetrators of gambling, not a student. It is necessary to distinguish. Why did he gamble if he is a student and is going to test his thesis,” said Alfred.

When the media asked what the type of gambling and how many people were arrested, the police chief declined to answer. (Jubi / Indrayadi TH/ Tina)

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