Students at Yahukimo, the highland area of West Papua - Jubi

Leaders Must be on Same Page on Papua’s Education

Students at Yahukimo, the highland area of West Papua - Jubi

Students at Yahukimo, the highland area of West Papua – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – The poor state of education in Papua, especially in remote areas, is again in the spotlight.

A member of Commission V of the Papua Legislative Council for Education and Health Affairs, Natan Pahablol, said it requires a good will of policy makers to change this situation in Papua.

The leaders at both provincial and regional/municipal levels must share the same perception and intention to change the situation. He said although the Papua Governor has intention and motivation to improve the education in Papua, but it would not be optimal if his officials didn’t pay attention to it.

“It needs a good intention, particularly among the regional heads in Papua, to improve the quality of education. However, if the regents have intention but his officials have no similar intention, it would be the same.


All policy makers should gather their will. It’s not only for the governor, regents or mayor, but also applied for their subordinates,” Pahabol told Jubi by phone on Saturday (16/1/2016).

According to him, the government needs a fixed strategy to improve the education in Papua, because it is important and necessary to build Papua in the future.

“It’s useless if the education grant is budgeted each year if there is no intention among the stakeholders to change the education in Papua,” he said. He also expected the government through provincial and regional/municipal offices to see the situation on the ground. Do not only rely on reports and data on papers. “If they only rely on reports and data, it’s the same. Those who made reports and data might be lie,” he said.

In the final review of the Papua Regional Budget meeting held in last December, the Commission V Chairwoman Yakoba Lokbere said she fully supported the Papua Provincial Government to improve many programs including education and health sectors. She said the education in Papua does need serious attention. Do not let this condition to continuously happen and harm the Papua young generation. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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