The border of Indonesia-PNG at Sota, Merauke - Suplied

Lawyer Reveals Attractive Business on Indonesia – PNG Border

The border of Indonesia-PNG at Sota, Merauke - Suplied

The border of Indonesia-PNG at Sota, Merauke – Suplied

Merauke, Jubi – The trial in a sea cucumber smuggling case will present the accused NF with the agenda of plea reading by defence lawyers.

The trial led by Judge Syors Mambrasar, SH was held in the court of Merauke State Court on Wednesday (27/4/2016) and opened for public. Attended in the court is also the General Prosecutor.

Guntur Ohoiwutun and other members of  the defense team said the case against NF has connection with the business between Indonesia and PNG, which is during the time always connected with security issue and separatist group.

But, he continued, it was because the border area had potencies of economic profits which is being used by certain culprits on behalf of security and border issues.


“Traditional crosser were always becoming a problem, because among them there are some who have connection with PNG, but being used by some culprits who are not part of the customary law people. And the impact is the arrest. The evidence is that until today there are Indonesian citizens as traditional crosser have not known their existence,” he said.

Further he said it must be admitted that the natural resources in PNG is very rich, including fishes, deer and other sea commodities, due to lack of exploitation.

With its natural resources, PNG is attractive for people to do business in the border area for huge profit. Therefore many people do many ways and efforts to cross the border without legal travel document or export-import document. Smuggling was ignored; even it had caused loss for the country.

During the time, said Guntur, the defendant who conducted trade business by buying see cucumber and fish maw at PNG has certified health document for fishes from this country, but due to competition of business, he must become a suspect.

In this trial, Guntur also asked to the judges releasing the defendant because he is not guilty referring to the new fisheries law. In addition, he also asked the judges to resume the defendant and rehabilitate his name.

Judge Syors Mambrasar SH said after the hearing of defense note by the lawyer, the next agenda is the charge by the General Prosecutor.  “Herewith I closed the trial and to the Prosecutor to prepare the material in the next trial on next week. And the defendant is expected to attend the trial,” he said. (Ans K/rom)

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