Pupils in West Papua. (Jubi/Doc)

Lanny Jaya Regency to Have 50 Teachers under Indonesia Smart Program

Pupils in West Papua. (Jubi/Doc)

Pupils in West Papua. (Jubi/Doc)

Wamena, Jubi – Lanny Jaya regency government will receive additional teachers from the Transformation Education (Petra) under the Indonesia Smart program.

The Regional Secretary of Lanny Jaya, Christian Sohilait said Tuesday (28/7/2015) that the regency planned to add 50 teachers to be placed in primary schools on Wednesday (07/29/2015).

They come from various universities and will be placed at 20 primary schools in the southern part of the capital of Lanny Jaya and will be contracted for the current year.
“Each elementary school will have at least three teachers and they will be placed in southern part of Lanny Jaya like in Balingga, Wanungga, Tinggipura, Kuyawage and Alagai,” he explained.

He then stated through this program, education will be improved and more children will get better education. He ensured that security conditions in Lanny Jaya is conducive. (Islami/ Tina)


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