Landowners Urges Papua Provincial Government To Settle Payment on Five Hectares Area


Sentani, Jubi – Papua Provincial Government has not settled payment to the customary landowners for five hectares area currently occupied by Yayasan Putra Papua Mandiri Institut to train Papuan indigenous youths who selected for the Thousand Doctorate Program.

“The process of land transaction between the customary landowners and Human Resources Agency representing the Papua Provincial Government has been done in 2012, but then the customary landowners sent a letter to the government conveying their objection on the price offered to them. Based on this letter, both parties met to propose new price that could be agreed by both sides. The government agreed to make installment on 2014, but until now it has not been settled yet,” the landowner representative Mauritz Felle told Jubi by phone on Tuesday afternoon in Sentani (19/5/2015).

Although the Provincial Government has built educational facilities on the disputed land, the landowners do not question about it. “Other administration matters are the government’s business. We just wait realization of payment. Last 5 May, the Provincial Government invited us to discuss about this matter.

“We came for the invitation, but the National Land Agency was not there National Land Body was not presented. It is obviously aggravated the situation which had still tolerated by us as customary landowners. Therefore we demand the Provincial Papua to immediately (within 1 – 2 days) pay five billion rupiahs according to mutual agreement,” he said.

Meanwhile Felle clan’s Khoselo (Tribe Chief Assistant) Adherianus Felle similarly said the landowners have nothing to do with the internal affairs between provincial and regional government. “We only care about tenure right and this is not negotiable. The land procurement committee of Jayapura Regency to immedalety implement their task and responsibility as well as the Provincial Government to give our right,” he said. (Engel Wally/rom)


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