Lake Sentani - Jubi

Lake Sentani Included on LIPI List for Lake Management Study

Lake Sentani - Jubi

Lake Sentani – Jubi

Sentani, Jubi – Lake Sentani has been included on the list of 15 lakes that are being considered to be subjects of a study on lake managements, but until now there has been no action taken for its development.

Jayapura regency government conducted a comparative study on management of lakes by visiting one of the largest lakes in Japan. After the trip Jayapura regent advised to coordinate with the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) regarding the future management of Sentani lake.
“We have been coordinating with LIPI, because its experts graduated from Japan. LIPI also has a major role to Lake Sentani, therefore we have asked LIPI to conduct a scientific study on the future development of Sentani lake,” Jayapura regent Matthew Awoitau said on last week.

He said, the results of research and scientific studies by the LIPI, will be made a great proposal that will be given to the Government of Japan to cooperate in the development of Sentani lake.
“Later the results would be outlined in a proposal made large then submitted to the Japanese government for how the results of a study conducted by LIPI for making Sentani lake development better,” he said.

He then added we should give our children a local content how to maintain the environmental conditions of Sentani lake. By learning around Sentani lake, of course, will impact greatly to the development of Sentani lake.
“When we were in Japan, the Japan government suggested that the management of the lake must start from kids from elementary level in order to gain insight and knowledge. They will be more open when looking at the conditions and what is going on at Sentani lake, so this will be a great movement for joint – both maintain and develop what is above and even in Sentani lake, ” Awoitau said.


Separately Jerry Okoka one of the residents was happy if there are efforts made for the development of Lake Sentani.
“So far we only know to stay and live on the lake alone, and this practice has been handed down to us who inhabit the shores of Lake Sentani. Such information we have heard but no changes have been done,” he added. (Engel Wally/ Tina)

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