Lake Sentani - Jubi

Lake Sentani Getting Dirtier

Lake Sentani - Jubi

Lake Sentani – Jubi

Sentani, Jubi – Sentani lake, one of tourist destinations in Jayapura, is getting dirty, a local councillor said, urging residents to keep it clean.

A member of Jayapura Legislative Council, Milly Mehue, took the initiative to hold a Trash Free Sentani Lake Action (ADSBS) in order to sensitize the residents around the lake.
“There are people who live around the lake and depend on it. Do not throw trash in the lake, ” Milly said when met Jubi in Sentani, Jayapura regency on Monday (24/8/2015).

ADSBS will be conducted this action simultaneously and will involve the citizens of the city and around the lake.
“We set this event in a schedule that must be implemented by every community who live in East to West Sentani. The action would be held once a week. This movement must be done by us as a society, “he explained.

“We will check the efforts of the people of the city, which does not have an official license, whether it is SITU, ownership of the EIA and the IMB, “he said.


Marshal Suebu, environmentalists and also a chairman of the CPA hirosi Papua said Jayapura regency status is still in the category of the dirtiest cities in Indonesia.
“If we want our environment clean and comfortable to live then we all have to start from ourselves, it is the basis on which the environment in the city. So that everyone who comes here still like to stay here, “Marshal said. (Engel Wally/ Tina)

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