Ballot Box for the election (Jubi)


Ballot Box at Emeneme Yauware Building (Jubi)

Ilustration (Jubi)

Jayapura, 1/5 (Jubi) – A group of legislative candidates have accused members of the Local Election Commission (KPUD) and the Election Supervisory Board (Panwaslu) in Raja Ampat Regency of electoral frauds.

The head of a 10-party coalition of legislative candidates in Raja Ampat, Achmad Lodji  said the violation occurred at the level of voting committees to the local election commission.
“It was done systematically, structured and massive. The violations include the replacement of the local commissioners of KPUD Raja Ampat without any particular reason one day before the recapitulation. Instead of conducting the plenary meeting at the village and sub-district level, the commission was directly held the plenary at regional level,” Lodji said on Thursday (1/5).

He said so far Raja Ampat Panwaslu had not reported those violations to authorities. Hence he considered the KPUD and local Panwaslu have violated the democracy in Raja Ampat.
“The worst occurred when the commissioners and the members of Panwaslu all together signed a statement letter on behalf of the KPUD Provinsi Papua Barat and KPUD Raja Ampat and Panwaslu Raja Ampat to recommend the C1 Plano in the voting recapitulation after receiving a text message from the Head of Bawaslu Papua Barat,” he said.

Lodji further said the signing of the statement letter has violated the rule because in the plenary meeting of KPUD either at the Regency/Municipality Level, they must read the D-A form not the C1 Plano Form. He suspected those violations were intended to favor a particular political party and he wanted the central Bawaslu to take action.
“It could be concluded that the election commissioners including those in KPUD or Panwaslu of Raja Ampat, the KPU and Bawaslu Papua Barat have violated the Law No. 8 2012 and the Regulation of KPU No 27 2013,” he said.


Earlier, the Regent of Raja Ampat, Markus Wanma admitted he was surprised at the performance of the local commission, saying he thought many of violations had occurred during the election in his regency.
“As a political adviser in this regency, I only could give a suggestion to the commissioners to remain neutral and work professionally. Any misdeed at the top will  affect those at lower levels,” Markus Wanma said. (Jubi/Arjuna/rom)

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