KPU Urged to Reveal Election Turnout in Papua


Jayapura, Jubi – The Department of Labor and Population of Papua urged the Papua Elections Commission (KPU Papua) to present the turnout for last year’s elections so that they would know the number of voters.

Papua Commission was also asked to report number of the voters and what percentage of people participating last general election.

Based on the information, the Department of Labor and Population will prepare the Papuan population data, and will be submitted to the KPU Papua.

“The matching data is important because most of election conflict in Papua is because of the issue of voter data so it must be improved,” he said.

As reported by the national media, General Election Commission ( KPU) plans to hold elections simultaneously throughout the tenure of the reign ended in 2015 at a time. Based on recent data, a total of eight provinces, 170 districts and 26 cities twill hold elections throughout 2015.


To realize simultaneous elections, the Commission itself is currently working hard to draw up a number of rules for simultaneous elections due to the birth of the decree of the President.

“KPU and Bawaslu are ready to hold the election simultaneously for all areas as head of the region ended in 2015, as mandated in the Regulation No. 1. Commission will immediately set the time,” said Commission chairman, Husni Kamil Manik said. (Alexander Loen/Tina).

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