Simon Warikar, after tortured by Indonesia Police - Jubi

KONTRAS Urges Papua Police to Speed Up Probe into Simon Warikar’s Case

Simon Warikar, after tortured by Indonesia Police - Jubi

Simon Warikar, after tortured by Indonesia Police – Jubi

Biak, Jubi – The human rights group Kontras has urged Papua Police Chief Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw to complete the investigation into the death of civilian Simoan Warikar allegedly at the hands of two police officers.

Director LBH Kyadiwun Biak, Imanuel Rumayom, SH in Biak on Monday (5/9/2016) revealed a letter signed by Kontras Coordinator Haris Azhar with a copy to law enforcement agencies and Biak Police Chief, is expected to accelerate the completion of the case.
“The completion of the case in accordance to the criminal law upon the judicial court for the police officers who perpetrated the violence is the expectation of the victim’s family,” Rumayom said.
He admitted the response of Biak Police Chief Hadi Wahyudi towards the handling of this case of alleged mistreatment is good so far. The perpetrators also have been detained for 21 days. “As victim’s attorney, I oversee the legal process to be run in accordance with the law. My client charged the perpetrators to be taken to the public trial for their misconduct,” said Rumayom.
Simon Warikar, according to him, is now under treatment after the surgery at Biak Public Hospital a few days ago. (*/rom)

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