Komnas HAM to Meet Paniai Shooting Victims and Witnesses


Paniai, Jubi – Dozens of witnesses and victims of Paniai Case have testified for the investigation team of the National Human Right Commission (Komas HAM), which arrived at Enarotali, Paniai Regency on last Tuesday (17/2/2015).

Komnas HAM member Maneger Nasution said the process of investigation was very important since the witnesses and survivals to testify and give the related information. “Their information is very important in the process of investigation,” he told Jubi at Enarotali on Friday afternoon (20/2).

The investigation team thought both witnesses and victims were quite open telling the story behind the torture and shooting incident. They testified since Wednesday (18/2/2015) and continued for two days ahead. The investigation team also visited the scene.

Besides visiting the scene located in the front of Togokotu Christmas Hut at Ipakiye Village, the team also reconstructed the incident at the scene located in Karel Gobai Arena on Friday morning. Both witnesses and victims came to the location. They demonstrated what have they seen and heard during the incident.

The reconstruction was previously scheduled on Thursday (19/2/2015). It was rescheduled because some witnesses and victims still need to testify about the incident in the second day of investigation.


The Indonesian Human Right Commissioner Natalis Pogai explained besides the verbal and written information from the survivals and witnesses, the scene reconstruction is also important. “Scene reconstruction is part of investigation, and it is very important for us,” Pigai said.

According to him, during several days at location, the team has conducted the process of investigation by taking data or testimonies from residents who saw or experienced the incident directly.

In the mean time, the Paniai Regent Hengki Kayame stated he supported the process of investigation. “As the Paniai Regent, I totally support this investigation. The point is all of us want this case to be thoroughly investigated,” Kayame said. According to him, the perpetrators must be disclosed and brought to justice.
“I have made a clear position at very beginning. I have talked in front of the people. While coordinating with the Papua Police Chief and Regional Military Commander as well as reporting to the President Jokowi, I asked the related stakeholders to investigate this case till the end,” he said. He further said he wouldn’t stay towards the incident which killed four people and injured dozens of people.

Meanwhile the Paniai Customary Council Chairman John NR Gobay told Jubi the bloody incident was impossible to be covered because it occurred in the mid day at the open stage. Many of witnesses and survivals also have testified in front of the Human Right Commission as well as the Police and Military’s investigation team.  Their statements are confirmed almost the same: human right violation.

Therefore, as the chairman, he asked both Military and Police could uncover the perpetrators, they shouldn’t cover it because it could ruin their image. Earlier the investigation team from Indonesian Police and Military has been arrived at Enarotali several days after the incident.

Last week, the Witness and Victim Protection Agency (LPSK) led by its Deputy Chairman Edwin Partogi Pasaribu arrived at Paniai to meet with the victims and witnesses of the tragic incident. They were there for four days. (Markus You/rom)

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