Frits Ramandey, Komnas HAM Perwakilan Papua, saat membesuk korban penembakan Deiyai di RSUD Nabire (3/8) - Jubi/Titus Ruban

Komnas HAM RI meet victims’ families of Deiyai ​​tragedy


Frits Ramandey, human right commission representative of Papua, when visited shooting victims in Nabire Hospital (3/8) – Jubi/Titus Ruban

Dogiyai, Jubi – Human Rights Commissioner RI, Natalius Pigai, met the families of victims of Deiyai tragedy 1 August, Thursday (August 10) at Kampung Oneibo, Deiyai ​​District, Papua.

Natalius Pigai said Komnas HAM went to the scene to gather and hear directly from the families of victims and witnesses.

“We’ve heard a lot from the media and spoken of by many people. But, we came here (to the scene) to see and hear directly from people who experienced themselves of the tragedy,” said Pigai.

Pigai also asked the reason behind Brimob’s arrival with full fledge weapon.


“Is this Brimob commissioned from Brimob leadership to this company, or the company calleed Brimob? What does this mean?” asked Pigai.

He asked the district government of Deiyai ​​on the role and responsibility PT Putra Dewa Paniai. He suggests that in the future this company shouldn’t have been given any project. It is because, he said, the existence of PT Putra Dewa Paniai has only gave bad impact for the citizens Deiyai ​​and Meepago region in general.

On Oneibo case, the company has now been publicly known to the international community for its role in the shootings of 17 people. He promised the residents and families of victims, Komnas HAM RI will continue to provide assistance and guard the legal process until the case is settled.

Representatives of the families of the victims, Oktovianus Pekei said they had met with Komnas HAM Commissioner and had provided the requested data and information.

Pekei said, to continue the legal investiontiga of the tragedy, families of the victims have collected various data that will be used in the case.(*)


Editor: Zely Ariane

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