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Komnas HAM should do more than formality


KOMNAS HAM office in South Jakarta Indonesia – IST

Jayapura, Jubi – Speaker of the Papua House, Yunus Wonda said the existence of Komnas HAM is not just for formality.

He assumed that Komnas HAM investigations are not supported with enough funds from the government. And that the condition indicates the government is not reliable to solve human rights problems in Indonesia, including Papua.

“There have been many human rights abuses in Papua since 1960. These cases are not one-sided, it is not a question of which countries support the issue of human rights in Papua, but it is universal and humanitarian,” he said last week.

According to him, if the state is serious about solving human rights violations, it should provide sufficient funding support to Komnas HAM.


“From 1960, only two human rights cases in Papua went into the court, although the perpetrators are free, which were Bloody Abepura case and Theys Eluay,” he said.

So far there are those who argue the obstacle to reveal cases of human rights violations in Papua, because the witness and the victim’s family did not want to give information. And this is because they have lost faith during the process.

“They testify if they are threatened and terrorized, so they choose to keep silent,” he said.

Wonda also remind that deep inside the heart of Papuans are hurting, and it makes they hardly love the country.

“Their families, their relatives, their parents, are victims of human rights violations, it’s a matter of trust,” he said. (

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