Part of Elelim street, Yalimo Regency - Jubi/Islami

KNPB Yalimo rejects the construction of new police stations


Part of Elelim street, Yalimo Regency – Jubi/Islami

Wamena, Jubi – The West Papua National Committee (KNPB) of Yalimo region rejected the planned of establishing Yalimo Police Resort (Polres) and several Police Sectors (Polsek) in five districts of Yalimo Regency.

“We are more concern on the security of the local community,” said Chairman KNPB Yalimo region, Wene Gombo in Wamena, Tuesday (August 1).

According to him, people in Yalimo feel safe before the plan of establishing Polres and Polsek in Yalimo regency. Some examples of murders and other small problems among people can be solved on their own.

“But by the presence of more police the issues will be different; we might look at some cases of other districts with the same experience. We will facilitate all heads of villages and communities to let they talk what they are thinking on this plan, the advantages and disadvantages if the Police are present at Yalimo,” he said.


Responding to that, Jayawijaya Police Chief, AKBP Yan Pieter Reba asserted that the Police forces must established as requested or not requested anywhere in the territory of Indonesia Republic.

According to him, the previous Yalimo Regent, the late Er Daby has given a letter of grant of land submission for the construction of Yalimo Police, consist of six Polsek such as Abenaho Police, Benawa, Elelim Police, Apalapsili and all that has been programmed.

“The refusal I think only came from a personalone, I will also coordinate with the Regent of Yalimo, to talk about this. There are no people who refuse Polres establishment in there,” said Chief of Police.

The Chief of Police will follow up and find out the reason for the rejection. He argues, the police have nothing to do with political issues, because the police are present to provide services and security to the community.

“For the construction of Polsek in all areas of Jayawijaya, either in Yalimo, Nduga, Central Mamberamo and Jayawijaya there is no way to stop establishment of police building,” he said.(*)

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