KNPB Yahukimo : Five Accused Persons Are Not KNPB members


Jayapura, Jubi – The Yahukimo West Papua National Committee (KNPB) denied that five people who were arrested on 19 March during a police raid were its members.

“We must clarify they are not KNPB members. We knew because we had their identities. They are civilians, not registered as KNBP members or involved as KNPB Yahukimo officials. Therefore we ask the police to stop this lie,” First Chairman of KNPB Yahukimo Marthen Suhuniap told Jubi on Sunday (5/4/2015) by phone.

According to him, those who should be punished and jailed are Mobile Brimob officers and Yahukimo Police officers because they are who actually stirred up.

“The Police must be notice that themselves caused the riot in Yahukimo. Because it’s already clear the fundraising was running very well, smooth and safely. The question is why it was forcedly dispersed in the last day. Because of the Police the dispute was occurred. Thus, the Papua Police Chief, Yahukimo Police Chief and Papua Mobile Brigade Chief are the most responsible for this case,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Yahukimo Regional Council Chairman Aminus Balingga said the Police should be professional. He asked the Police and Mobile Brigade to take more lessons because it was obvious the police who triggered the dispute between the crowd and the police. According to him those who should be accused is the Police.
“We firmly said those who must stand the trial are Yahukimo Police Chief and Papua Mobile Brigade Chief for the act of brutal shooting, chasing as well as robbing conducted by the Police,” he said.


He further said if the Police is now accusing five persons as suspects, when will the house destroyers and robbers as well as the shooters would take to the court for trial.
“The Police and Mobile Brigade must not have law immunity. At that time, the officers have robbed people’s money, destroyed their houses and shot dead a person and injured others. The actors should also be punished,” Balingga said.

Earlier, the Papua Police Spokesperson Patriage Renwarin told a local newspaper in Jayapura that the Police have determined five suspects. They were accused to do vandalism and trigger a dispute between the Police officers and crowd in Yahukimo on 19 March. (Arnold Belau/rom)

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