KNPB Sorong Raya Strongly Reject Dialogue with Jakarta


Sorong, Jubi – The deputy chairmand the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) in Sorong Raya region, Kamtius Heselo, said the organization rejected dialogue between Jakarta and Papua.

He said  dialogue is a political game of a few people who want to retain their positions and is not a solution.

Kamtius said Papua is not a question of daily survival. Even though it has an element of  welfare, the issue is more about political rights as emphasized in Vanuatu that Papuans wants referendum.
“We know the Jakarta-Papua dialogue is the interests of a few people who is seeking positions, including the development and special autonomy, but now we’ve officially part of Melanesian Spreadheads Group (MSG),” Kamtius said.

He further said KNPB demanded an Act of Free Choice (Pepera) be held again because the vote conducted in 1969 was invalid and it was known that Papuans had no free choice at that time  as they lived in pressure .

One of KNPB members also echoed it. It rejected the whole program planned by the President to Papua,including the implementation of special autonomy, development programs and other things for Papua. He said the only one he just wanted is a referendum. (Nees Makuba/ Tina)


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