KNPB Spokesperson Bazoka Logo - Jubi

KNPB: Military, Police Behind Attacks in Papua

KNPB Spokesperson Bazoka Logo - Jubi

KNPB Spokesperson Bazoka Logo – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – The West Papua National Committee (KNPB) said members of the military and police were responsible some of recent shooting incidents in Papua.

“We have seen that for a long time the agitators in Papua are actually the Military and the Police. That is true that those who did the shooting was a guerrilla group in the forest using seized guns,” KNPB Spokesperson Bazoka Logo said on Sunday (8/2/2015).

He said people should not only blame the persons who did the shooting, but also members of security forces who supplied the bullets.
“Is there a bullet or gun manufactured in Papua?“ he said. “Shooting incidents happened in Papua were related to the Military and the Police. They sell the bullets. Therefore KNPB states the military apparatus in Papua is the Criminal Armed Group (KKB),” he said.

He further said the guerilla group might not possible to continuously open their fire every time while they had no bullets. If they had, it’s only filled in the seized guns. So, logically they can’t do it without the bullets stock.
“So do not accuse the guerilla Papuans who are currently in the forest as the criminal armed group, civilian armed group, unknown group or so on. Those terminology are actually fitted with the military or police apparatus who involved in the bullet trading,” Logo told Jubi.


He also said if the government’s plan on new military command at West Papua Province was realized, it’s not possible the similar groups might be raised in that province.
“Yes, it’s their field of business. So those terminologies would be created following the launching of new Regional Military Command by the government. It was happening in regards to their welfare. For instance, they earned 10 million per month, but by selling the bullets they could earn 15 to 20 million per transaction. So who could reject this?” he said.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Religious Community Forum, the Rev. Lipiyus Biniluk said he supports the action to crack down the military/police culprits who sell the weapons and bullets to the armed group in Papua. “I support the affirmative action to crack down the officers who involved in bullet trading. I have said it before. They must be destroyed,” he said. (Arnold Belau/rom)

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