KNPB Kaimana’s Six Activists Arrested


Jayapura, Jubi – Six members of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Kaimana were arrested on Monday (24/11).

“Kaimana Police arrested six KNPB’s activists,” a Kaimana resident told Jubi by phone on Monday afternoon (24/11). He said the six activists are Gofur Kurita, Dewi Kurita, Niklas Busira, Marden Namsau, Kores Namsau and Demianus Waita.

They were accused of law violations but KNPB Kaimana said the detention was a violation of the law.
“When conducting the arrests, the officers didn’t bring arrest warrant, The Kaimana Police Chief must release them,” said this resident who declines his name to be cited.

Related to this issue, the Kaimana Police Chief I Nyoman Sugiarta confirmed to Jubi about the arrest. He said the detention occurred when his officer was doing a patrol, and found residents who brought sharp weapons such as axe, blade, sharpened bamboo stick at around 03:00 Papua time.

“So, we took action on those who brought the sharp weapons. After being arrested, we questioned them. It’s related to the security situation in Kaimana,” Sugiarta told to Jubi on Monday afternoon (24/11) by text message.


Further, he said the police seized the evidences and issued the statement letter and they oblige to report to the police after the release. (Aprila Wayar/rom)

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