A Protest held by KNPB - facebook

KNPB Denies Activists Involved in Violence

A Protest held by KNPB - facebook

A Protest held by KNPB – facebook

Jayapura, Jubi – The West Papua National Committee (KNPB) has denied media reports that KNPB members engaged in violence after their plans to hold a demonstration in Perumnas III Waena, Jayapura did not materialize on last Thursday (28/5/2015).

“The news in the local media that KNPB protesters acted anarchic due to failing to hold a demonstration is not true at all,” Agust Kosay, first chairman of KNPB said to the Jubi, last week.

He said the anarchic acts were committed by certain actors who intended to spread chaos and shaped public opinion that KNPB was an anarchic organization.

The people who threw rocks at the police were provocateurs, he said.
“The incident occurred before KNPB members arrived. Obviously there are criminalization efforts against KNPB and its activists,” he added.


Kossay asserted, KNPB never planned anarchy. The accusation was merely an attempt by certain parties in order to build public opinion that KNPB is an anarchist organization and worthy criminalized.
“KNPB never invent chaos plan. KNPB just want to convey the extent of peaceful aspirations of the Indonesian state law guarantees freedom to convey the aspirations of people gathered together in public and individuals,” he said.

However, it is far from reality where there is no guarantee of freedom of expression as stipulated in the 1945 Constitution “Freedom is the right of all nations, and far from the ratification of civil and political rights by the Law No. 12 of 2005,” he said.

Earlier, on Thursday (05/28/2015), the Secretary of KNPB, Ones Suniap said 46 members were arrested after the dissolution by members of Jayapura city Police, in Perumnas III Waena. The dissolution was accompanied by shooting. (Mawel Benny/Tina)

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