Victor Yeimo (center) in the Abepura Prison (Jubi)


Victor Yeimo (center) in the Abepura Prison (Jubi)

Victor Yeimo (center) in the Abepura Prison (Jubi)

Suva, 15/3 (Jubi) – West Papua National Committee ( KNBP) has accused a local daily newspaper of trying to divide Papuans by quoting a dubious source.

KNPB chairman Victor Yeimo demanded the Bintang Papua daily newspaper to reveal  the identity source it described as a KNPB executor.
“I strongly urge the Bintang Papua journalist who reported the story on Saturday, March 15 to explain to the public and the KNPB board about the true identity of Ranus Penggu because KNPB does not recognize him and even there is no “executor” position within KNBP’s structure,” Yeimo said in a text message to on Saturday (15/3).

Bintang Papua quoted a source named Ranus Penggu, which the paper identified as a KNPB “executor,” as saying that there had been a meeting between someone who claimed to be a frontman for Liberation Army National – Free Papua Movement (TPN/OPM) and commander of a local military commander Colonel Herman Asaribab.

“This news is neither credible or accountable. KNPB has a spokesperson and always invites journalists to a press conference officially. So what’s the intention of the Bintang Papua journalist who sent this news via cellphone? ” Yeimo questioned.


Victor Yeimo, who also a Papuan political prisoner in the Abepura jail, hopes that Bintang Papua will clarify it.

Victor Mambor, chairman of the Jayapura Alliance of Independent Journalists said that this kind of things often happens in Papua because Papua’s status as a “hit spot” and people often take advantage of the conflict.

He also admitted that he often receives message via cellphone about TPN/ OPM or the military and police from people who introduce themselves as leaders of the TPN / OPM or officials from Jakarta.

He said he did not know the motive of these senders who delivered the messages.
“The SMS or emails were not only from people who claim to be front men of TPN / OPM but people who claimed to be Indonesian officials in Jakarta,” Mambor said.

Journalists must exercise caution  and try to confirm and verify the messages, especially those on sensitive issues like shooting incidents in Puncak Jaya and Timika. (Jubi / Benny Mawel/ Tina)


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