A Protest held by KNPB - facebook

KNPB Demand Berita Satu Explain Report Accusing KNPB of Organda Riot

A Protest held by KNPB - facebook

A Protest held by KNPB – facebook

Jayapura, Jubi – The West Papua National Committee (KNPB) urged the online new portal Berita Satu to explain its report accusing its activists of being behind the riot in Organda, Jayapura.

“Related to the news published on Berita Satu, we confirm that KNPB had no scheduled activities at that time. It is a criminal case and KNPB never gave any instruction to its members to commit or get involved in crime. Please clarify where the incident happened, who were KNPB members who were involved at that time. In fact, KNPB was the victim. Organda Sector Secretariat of KNPB was set on fire with other houses,” KNPB stated on Wednesday (10/6/2015) to respond the news published in Berita Satu website dated 9 June 2015.

According to National KNPB Spokesperson, Bazoka Logo said media outlets can not just accuse KNPB. “Therefore we urge Berita Satu to reveal the name of KNPB members who involved in mass conflict, the leader and who gave them the instruction to attack, verbally or written. If so, when and where?,” said Logo.

He said Berita Satu must prove it. Do not use the name of KNPB because the fact is KNPB asked anyone who protected the perpetrators to immediately be responsible on the burning houses and KNPB secretariat.


“Because we are not the perpetrators. We are not the one who stole the motorcycles. Who are taking benefit of this incident? Berita Satu must be responsible,” he firmly said.

Based on information received by SP, Berita Satu Online earlier reported on Tuesday (9/6/2015), two residents were killed, namely Hendrik Lasamahu (Organda Family Unit Chief) and his close relative Simon Lukete. It was said they were died at Abepura Public Hospital due to serious injuries at the back and stomach and the face. Meanwhile, four residents including Organda 03 Family Unit Chief were stubbed and one of them was reportedly in critical condition and treated in the ICU. Not only taking life and causing injuries, the attack carried out brutally by a group, which is the mass of West Papua National Committee (KNPB) also caused a damage of dozens of houses. (Arnold Belau/rom)

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